Tucked away in the seabreeze swept, lush central coast valley live our free-range, hormone-free Pata Bros. Black Angus Cattle. Their pristine, hospitable and stress-free environment helps make these 100% grass fed cattle the most nutritious, pasture-raised beef on the market today. Take pleasure knowing that you are supporting a small, family farm as you enjoy the most delicious and flavorful grassfed free-range meat. In addition to its distinctive flavor, the meat also appeals to nutrition-conscious consumers. A grassfed animal gains weight that is relatively low in fat and LDL cholesterol and contains high levels of heart-healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. If the humane and low stress treatment of cattle is your concern then consider purchasing a grass-fed, or grain-finished, black angus cattle directly from our pasture to your freezer.

Prices fluctuate but start around $2000 for an entire steer packed and frozen.

Contact us at (805) 736-8897 to place orders for your steer in early summer.